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“To prepare for fall, I make sure to ________ for my Metro Atlanta small business.”

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The latest from the blog: How a $254,000 tax bill was nearly incorrectly assessed, and how a tax advisor stepped in to save the day. [Link to:]

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“The thing that stresses me most about my Metro Atlanta small business is ___”

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Read one of the most popular posts on the Small Biz blog to strengthen your Metro Atlanta small biz: 5 Accounting Problems Killing Small Businesses.

Bankers are lending to Small Biz!

According to Harvard researchers, bankers are lending to small businesses owners, but have trouble finding those that are creditworthy. Are you and your small business a safe investment?

Do you have the right tax structure!

Out of the 28.7 million small businesses in America, 23 million are sole proprietors. Is this business entity right for your company? Ask an expert.

Tax Saving Tips = $8,500

In this week’s blog, we learn how an owner implemented these tax-saving tips to cut his return by $8,500. Could your Metro Atlanta company benefit too?

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Read this blog from the SBA to learn how to make the most of this summer for your small business.

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Uncovering your tax advantages takes a deep understanding of your small business. Learn how we emphasize learning about you.

Tax Saving Tip! Save $8,500 in Taxes.

Learn the tax-saving tips this owner received that helped him/her save $8,500 on his tax return. Could your Metro Atlanta company benefit?