Stop the Bleeding!

Another day, another dollar lost? If you’re letting issues linger at your [define area] company, you’ll continue to bleed profits. Talk to an advisor today. 

Mamagement Tips!

What are other business owners reading? Do Or Die: 4.5 Management Tips To Stop Sweating Payroll. [Link to:]

How Do You Track Inventory?

How do you track inventory for your small business? 46% of small businesses have a manual process or none at all. [Link to:]

Tax Partner=Business Success

One of the biggest tax issues your Metro Atlanta company may face actually has nothing to do with taxes. How are you putting your profits in danger? [Link to:]

Good Partner Help=Successful Bus:

Learn from the experts at SCORE Association: Your [define area] company needs good partners to help you succeed, especially as you grow. [Link to:]

What is your marketing budget?

56% of owners invest less than 3% of revenue in marketing their small businesses. How much do you spend marketing your Metro Atlanta company? [Link to:]

Good Records are Essential!

From the Padgett blog: Good records are essential to your Metro Atlanta business’ success. Take it from the company that suffered tax penalties and more because of poor record keeping. [Link to:]

Record Keeping Is Important!

You must prioritize your record keeping, no matter how minor you think it is. Learn how a small business with poor records suffered from tax penalties and more. [Link to:]

Get The Advice You Need!

“My Metro Atlanta small business is growing, but I don’t know if I can handle _______.” Get the advice you need.

Hidden Cost in your Bus.!

From Small Business Trends: Read 5 Hidden Costs of Running a Business to improve the financial health of your Metro Atlanta company. [Link to:]