Financial Partner=L O C

From the blog: Read about the business owner who needed to find a new partner to prepare legit financial statements to get the line of credit he needed. [Link to:]

Need Bank Financing. Let’s Talk

If you need to borrow from a bank to grow your small business, you need legit financial statements. Why did one owner need a new partner to secure his line of credit? [Link to:]

Small Bus. Drive The US Economy!

“In America, small business is a big deal.” – Bob Beauprez, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives

We Can Help You Manage Growth

38% of small businesses planned to hire new employees in 2015. Have you? Are you managing payroll for your Metro Atlanta company with confidence? [Link to:]

Good Partner = Success Business!

“My plans with my Metro Atlanta small business are to ___.” Find a partner to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Need CFO Advice ? Call us.

Need the advice of a CFO at a fraction of the cost? Learn about business consulting services to support the success of your Metro Atlanta business.