Stop the Bleeding!

Another day, another dollar lost? If you’re letting issues linger at your [define area] company, you’ll continue to bleed profits. Talk to an advisor today. 

Tax Partner=Business Success

One of the biggest tax issues your Metro Atlanta company may face actually has nothing to do with taxes. How are you putting your profits in danger? [Link to:]

Good Partner Help=Successful Bus:

Learn from the experts at SCORE Association: Your [define area] company needs good partners to help you succeed, especially as you grow. [Link to:]

What is your marketing budget?

56% of owners invest less than 3% of revenue in marketing their small businesses. How much do you spend marketing your Metro Atlanta company? [Link to:]

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“If my Metro Atlanta company had a cash flow problem, I would turn to _____.”

Hidden Cost in your Bus.!

From Small Business Trends: Read 5 Hidden Costs of Running a Business to improve the financial health of your Metro Atlanta company. [Link to:]  

Minimize Risk!

Read this informative blog from the SCORE Association to learn how to minimize risk at your small business

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“The thing that stresses me most about my Metro Atlanta small business is ___”

Bankers are lending to Small Biz!

According to Harvard researchers, bankers are lending to small businesses owners, but have trouble finding those that are creditworthy. Are you and your small business a safe investment?

Learn From The SBA Blog!

Read this blog from the SBA to learn how to make the most of this summer for your small business.